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Thomas Kent


The Kent family returned home to Co. Cork for the first time after the Rising on the night of May 1st, and awoke to find the house surrounded by British Crown Forces, who had orders to arrest the whole family. Mrs. Kent, aged 84 years, called out: "We are soldiers of the Irish Republic and there is no surrender." Armed with three shot guns and a rifle they put up a powerful defence, but owing to lack of ammunition they had to surrender. They were taken through the window and were immediately handcuffed.  In the fight his brother David was badly wounded and a police officer shot dead. David was  lost two fingers, and a wound in his side was attended to by a military doctor.

Richard, a famous athlete, was not handcuffed in the melee and jumped a ditch in an attempt to escape but was fired on and fell mortally wounded. They were all conveyed to Fermoy Barracks where the mother was released, while Thomas and William were conveyed to Cork Detention Barracks. David and Richard were taken to Fermoy Military Hospital where Richard died after two days, 4/5/'16. Meanwhile Thomas and William were court-martialled. William was acquitted and Thomas was executed on the 9/5/'16 by a British Firing Squad.