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From Mullingar, he was executed in Winson Green Prison, Ash Wednesday, 7th February, 1940. He was an Active Service man who was sent on foreign service to England and was a friend of Peter Barnes. His parents, being dead, his last letter went to his sister. "I shall walk out in the morning smiling, as I shall be thinking of God and knowing that I die in a just cause like the good men that went before me in the cause."




From Banagher, Co. Offaly. He was executed in Winson Green Prison, Birmingham, on Ash Wednesday, 7th February, 1940. From the very moment of his arrest, Peter protested from the dock that he was innocent of the charge against him. The judge donned the black cap and passed sentence. Peter said, "As a soldier of the Irish Republican Army, I am not afraid to die, because I am dying in a just cause. God bless Ireland and the men who have fought and died for her."Their remains were later re-interred in Ireland.